Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is... what makes me laugh out loud

Old School is one of my all time favourite movies: Will Ferrell kills me. Watching just a clip means you're missing the build up so it's not as funny as it is when you see the movie from start to finish but this clip still makes me laugh out loud. "You're cra... you're craaaazy!" The F-bomb is dropped so if you might not want your kids sitting next to you when you watch this.

Another thing that makes me laugh out loud is the thought of my brother's 30th birthday party. John's birthday is on December 22nd, my sister-in-law decided to throw his party on Halloween with the hope of surprising him. In early October my parents invited John & Sarah to join them on Halloween evening for a costume party at the Legion, of course they accepted the invite.

A couple weeks before Halloween we were having dinner at my parents and my brother was discussing the party, he wasn't sure what he should wear. I, being a loving and thoughful little sister, suggested he go dressed as a woman: "Why not John? It's not like there's going to be anyone you know there, the party's at the legion!" Thankfully he agreed with me, he thought it would be funny and since it would only be my parents and a few other family members why not have a good laugh? I was stoked when he took it one step further and remembered a friend of his had a costume that would likely fit him. Here's John on the big night:

Imagine his shock when he walked into the Legion to find appx. 150 of his closest friends, family and colleagues yelling surprise. Classic! This moment will forever be etched in my brain.

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Anonymous said...

I love Will Ferrell.

And WonderWoman - well I am speechless.
thanks for sharing

The Mommie said...

Hey J.
This is so weird! I was at JV's today and was sitting in a position that had me looking at the photo of him in the wonder woman get-up. I had to smile everytime I glanced at that wall.
Then I come home and what's on your blog that I check every day?
The same picture. So I smiled again.
That was a really good party wasn't it?!?
Thanks for the memories.
The Mommie
^ ^

jstorozuk said...

I thought I made a very sexy woman. Hell best legs in town that night!


Just Jaime said...

Yes big bro, your legs do look good in tights!

tanzi said...

Such great pictures!
And how nice of your cat to make me a valentine. Apparently, we're now "cool" about the toe hair thing.
I know E.C. would come around...