Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 and FAB if I don't say so myself.

Happy Birthday yesterday to moi!

It's official, I'm a member of the Dirty Thirty club and pleased to say that I feel no more mature today than I did last week... or last year for that matter. PHEW!

My birthday celebrations started a week ago: Mike arranged an evening of fun fun fun with a pile of our friends last Friday. Drinks and yummy chow at a local watering hole Barley Works HELLO it's our new pre-party feedery - $20 for a bottle of wine? what the...? followed by an evening of rump shakin' at Starlight equals good times had by all. I was thrilled to see my favorite faces showed up to help me celebrate, I had no idea who was actually coming, we had a blast! We opened up the club and nearly closed it - disco and funk kept us on the dance floor from ten till two. A truly fabulous night!

Yesterday was my actual birthday and it was a fantastic day! My girl Tanya was super cute and had my b-day announced at school, she also brought in a... errr... lovely pink BIRTHDAY GIRL ribbon for me to wear. I made a valiant effort to wear the sucker but it kept falling off. oops.

Unfortunately Mike has been in Orlando on business since Monday - he felt really awful about being away but of course I understood SOB - he surprised me yesterday by having a ridiculously huge and stunning bouquet of tropical flowers sent to my work! The office ladies were gushing over my delivery when I slipped in to pick it up. Honestly these are the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen! Thanks babe!

After work I went to The Cake Box with my mom for cupcakes and had the BEST cupcake EVER. Seriously. A chocolate peanut butter cupcake? Peanut butter flavored butter cream icing? Oh my delish.

I worked off the cupcake during my pilates class that followed - I love it more this round than I did last - then headed to an amazing little Italian restaurant, Casa Rugantino, to pick up the pizza Tanya had ordered for our dinner. YUM!

My wonderfully simple yet fabulous birthday was topped off when I arrived at Tanya's place . I was expecting an evening of pizza, a movie and maybe some Scrabble but walked in to find balloons, streamers, and some of the fabulous women I love gathered together. We ate, drank, watched the lunar eclipse and laughed!! I am so unbelievably lucky; I have the best people in my world.

It really was a very happy birthday.


tanzi said...

You are definitely FAB! That's why so many people want to make your b-day special. :)
I wondered at first if "SOB" meant you were calling Mike a son-of-a...but then I realized it meant "sob" as in tears...funny!

KelticKnitters said...

Sounds like you had a perfect birthday Jaime!! And to have a full lunar eclipse, tropical flowers, cupcakes, friends and balloons all in one day - what more could a girl ask for ;)

Can't wait to see you Saturday for your big family birthday dinner!!

Welcome to the thirties sista! *Joanne*

The Mommie said...

Hey J!
Glad your B-Day was a good one!
I really think I had the better cupcake...rocky road...mmmmmm....
I am adding THE CAKE BOX to my list
of favourite places to eat.
The Mommie

Just Jaime said...

Wine! that's what "more" I could have asked for Joanne, but there was no need to ask because Tanya took care of that too.

No T, this time SOB meant tears...

We'll have to do cupcakes again soon mom! So yummy