Monday, February 18, 2008

Cutting and Photoshopping

My less than thrilled kitty cat is modeling my first attempt at papercutting. Follow the link to snag yourself a template and instructions. Do yourself a favor and puchase spray-on glue or use a glue stick. Plain white glue leaves glue bumps visible on your finished project - grrr.

The pic above is one of my first shots at improving a pic using Photoshop. A big thank you goes to Stacy over at The Land of K.A. for providing some fabulous Photoshop tutorials and providing me with a new addiction. Unlike the PS help menu Stacy's tips are easy to follow and actually make sense to me. Be sure to slip over to her blog to check our her beautiful children and phenomenal photos.

Here's another pic I fixed up using Stacy's simple steps for defoging and using the free plugin she suggested, it's called Virtual Photographer.


After (effect is SPICE from VP):

This last shot is one I have been hoping to fix for a couple years now... check out the before and after. I think it looks way better now.


I have a long way to go but this is certainly a starting point!


tanzi said...

I love your valentine!!! Actually, it is EC's gift to me, isn't it? I knew I'd be forgiven.
Seriously, it amazes me how you manage to all that you do and still work in some creative project time. You seriously do inspire me, James.
Also, I read your Nov blog re: expecting the are right. Just tell those nasty voices to piss away for now. This is your time to show off all that you've accomplished. Remember that tomorrow--use it as a chance to say to the world, but more importantly yourself, out loud that you are an amazing teacher-in-the-making.
Big love, baby!

tanzi said...

I didn't do it before 'cause meant to ask permission, but am adding your blog to my list of faves since you are the one who really inspired me to do this. I love yer blogging heart!

Stacy said...

That valentine is so cool, you did a great job on it! That looks like a lot of work to cut all that.

Glad you are finding the PS tips useful. Yes, starting at the beginning of my tips kinda gives you a starting point. I really like the fixes you did on your photos. Good job!

Just Jaime said...

Tanya, EC asked me to post this pic for you, she forgives you...sort of.
Aww, thanks for adding me to your bloggable blog list, no need to ask permission. :)

Stacy, thanks again for all of your PS tips and for sharing all of your fabulous photos. You inspire me!