Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is... my collection

Better late than never; I have joined the "This is..." meme started by Three Buttons and technically this should have been posted on Sunday. I was in recovery from the disco party I attended Saturday night (details coming soon) so I apologize for my late post. I think this meme might be a fun way for you to get to know me a little better and it's an excuse for me to start taking pictures more regularly.

I collect children's books.

These are just a handful of my books; the entire collection isn't huge but it is constantly growing. My dream is to one day have a house with a little library, books lining the walls!


The Mommie said...

Next time you are over ask me about the Little House on the Prairies set and also the antique
bedtime stories books. M.

Lesley-Ann said...

I love childrens books as well... And those books look like a pretty good collection!!
Hope for you that you will have a libery one day as well, with high walls and a little moveable staircase to get the highest ones!

Just Jaime said...

Ooooh! I would love to add those to my collection mom! I used to love that 365 Bedtime Stories book, wonder if it's the same one you're referring too. I think I still have boxes of books in the attic too... sorry.

Lesley-ann, high walls and a sliding staircase would be the icing on the cake!! :)