Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is... Sunday lunch.

Our Sunday lunch usually consists of a Tim Horton's bagel and a large half coffee & half hot chocolate - pretty exciting huh? Sunday is our day of laziness so our lunch is technically breakfast and when you're eating breakfast between 11 and 12 you want something fast, easy and yummy: Timmy's is the winner.

It's just the two of us so an all out Sunday brunch is not unheard of but quite unusual; some day in the future we'll quite likely have a weekend breakfast tradition of pancakes/hashbrowns/eggs & bacon etc, that will be waaaay down the road when we have additional mouths to feed. As a kid I loved when my mom & dad made big weekend brunches, waking up to the smell of bacon mmm there's nothing quite like it.

Today I had a grocery store stop to make so we had sandwiches insteadof drive-thru bagels. Not the usual but it was delish: turkey and salami with jalepeno havarti cheese, lettuce, peppers, cucumber and mayo on a calabrese bun = yum. Oh and I certainly couldn't skip the hot chocolate, it's a vital part of my Sunday routine.

Another edition of the "This is..." meme; today's theme was chosen by Allison at Lark.


Kathy said...

yum! so colorful too!

The Mommie said...

This is better for you than "T's". It is probably more nutritious and was probably more cost effective also.
It looks really yummie and was artistcally presented.
You are a true "foodie".
You make me proud.

Anonymous said...

Yumm, I so love salami.

Looks good, thanks for sharing.