Thursday, November 1, 2007


Thankfully I'm in a better place than I was when I wrote last. A little more sane, at least for the time being. The silly philosophy paper is complete and I managed to do it while running to the door every 5 minutes to throw sugar at little people dressed in odd clothing.

Check out our nephews, they looked awesome! They were bouncing off the walls when mike and I went by to snap some pics and start their treat bags off.

Mr. Incredible and the Vampire Bat. Oh so scary yet cute at the same time. I tried to keep my coos of cuteness to myself and went with "Cool" and "Wow". Michael's muscles were hilarious. He's a little stick man like his big brother Gabriel so it was extra funny to see him with bulging biceps.

Loads of super cute kids came to our door. I love our neighborhood because there are lots of tiny little peanuts. I saw a handful of princesses and a pile of cute animals with big butts (the new tiny people costumes are so flippen adorable).

My mood improved immensely after a few hours of handing out junk to trick or treaters.
Yay for Hallowe'en!

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