Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dizzy days

My bean is not working quite right today. I'm dizzy no I'm not pregnant thank you very much and I'm feeling completely wiped out. I've been exhausted all weekend; I actually cancelled plans with friends last night and went to bed at 9pm! How old am I?!

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I expect to hear the same thing I have heard every time I've gone in with a woe during the last three years: "You need to rest and find time for yourself; you're too busy". It's likely she'll add in: "find time to exercise" as well. She'll also offer to write me a note for stress leave if I so desire but I'll refuse because really, things aren't that bad and I'll save drastic measures like that for a time when I really feel like I need it. Thankfully I'll have completed my first pilates class by the time I see the Doc so I can tell her honestly that I'm making an effort to get my non-active ass in gear.

I am super pleased with myself this afternoon. Considering the state of my sleepy bod I've managed to get stuff done. I finally filled out the teachers college application form. Thank god. That sucker needed to be done asap, the deadline is November 30th but it can take a few weeks for transcripts to get from one school to the next. I've paid the silly fees ($200 to apply to ONE university - this included the cost of 2 $8.00 transcripts - how ridiculous is that?) and hopefully managed to fill everything out correctly.

Now I move on to the horrific Experience Profile. This is where I have to write an extraordinary essay on the topic of "Those who can, teach" - ugh. I'm going to start my outline this afternoon, wish me luck.

I'm more nervous about this whole process than I expected to be. I'll be thrilled when the application process is over with, then I'll just have to wait and see if I get an interview.

Speaking of school stuff, I filled out my intent to graduate form today too. That sure makes that light at the end of the tunnel seem brighter. I can't believe that I'm nearly done my degree, the thought of having my diploma handed to me makes me giddy. Three years of a hellofa lotta hard work will finally pay off. Yay for me!

The other mission accomplished today is that I finally managed to start to declutter - better late than never. Now that we have our fabulously wonderful cleaning lady coming in regularly I don't have to spend time mopping floors so decluttering is on the agenda. I love my grandma dearly but I have no intention of turning into the clutter queen she is.

I did manage to get out yesterday with some of my most favorite women on the planet for our annual Ladies' Day. A breakfast filled with chatter and lots of laughs was followed up with shopping at a few craft sales. It was a great day as usual! Thanks girls!


The Mommi said...

Hey J.
You should have mentioned your declutter site that you go to.....or went to.......
You know the one, 5 minutes at time. etc.etc.
I can't find it anymore...I think I deleted it when I declutterd my hotmail account.
The Mommi

Just Jaime said...

Hey mom
I didn't mention it because I'm not really using her plan anymore. The zillion emails a day cluttered up my inbox so I stopped using her daily reminders - just do my own thing now and this week it's working. :) for those who are interested. She has a good system going; I gained some good tips from her and still visit her site once in awhile.