Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moo Shoe Rave!

I've been anxiously awaiting my package from Bugaloo so I was thrilled when I opened the mailbox yesterday and found a padded envelope for moi! I shredded the package and found the fabulous slippers you see above. I absolutely adore them and I know the mommy&baby duo they're destined for will love them too! The quality of the leather and stitching is excellent! I'm not sure how this fab designer is making any money off of these - there's no way the work she put into these is worth a measly $10US!! I'm certainly not complaining.

Any negatives?
Nothing major but I am curious to see how long the elastic around the ankles holds out.

*sigh* I heart Etsy. I have friends who are addicted to eBay - you know who you are - but I think Etsy is my addiction. People are so talented! Maybe I'll start a weekly post that features my favorite Etsy designers. What a great excuse to shop!


The Mommie said...

Hey Baby Girlz.
They are too cute.
I went on the site and I agree with you. The prices are really good. I espically liked the purses. Good thing I don't have a credit card eh? KaChing...KaChing...
The Mommie

Stacy said...

Those are adorable...and only $10?? Robeez are usually around $25 and my little ones just lived in them when they were babies. I'm sure they will get a lot of use.

Just Jaime said...

I know, I was blown away by the price! I want to compare these little suckers to a pair of Robeez, I think the bit around the ankle is the only difference (but could be a significant one) - I'll be sure to post once I compare. :)