Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plug Your Ears

or shove your head in the sand... if you don't want to hear me whining because here I go.

grrr. the font is all screwy in this post and I can't figure out why so I'm just going to to let it go... inhale, exhale, inhale....

I hate, let me be clear, I
HATE philosophy. Did I write in earlier posts that I like it? Well I lied if I did. The course content is decent enough i.e. interesting to listen to and makes me think, but having to write about it sucks. Yes it's making me a more critical writer and yes blah blah blah. Animal rights anyone? Yes be kind to animals? NO you're wrong, animals have NO rights. Why? Because it's a hell of a lot easier to argue the NO side than the YES side and trust me when I say that because I have seriously considered both sides for a long ass time. I like meat. Do I want to eat stray cats? no but if I say they have rights then why shouldn't cows? Who cares? I agree.

I'm so articulate this evening. See what writing, and re-writing, and writing some more philosophical BS does to your brain? It's mush. I wish I could stick my head in the sand.

What really peeeees me off is that I'm likely going to miss out on Halloween tomorrow night because of this damn essay. Sure it's self-inflicted, I should have worked on it this weekend as I had originally intended, but that doesn't ease the pain of missing out on the little kidlets coming to the door. We're going to be "that" house on the street. Nooooooooooo!

"That" house is the house with all the lights turned off. When I was a kid I always thought that the houses with the lights off contained the miserable old trolls who were too cheap to spend money on candy. Never once did I think, oh those people are probably busy tonight, oh they're out with their kids or maybe they don't 'do' Halloween. Nope, I thought: "what jerks."

I'm typing a post on here rather than working on my essay right now because it's past 10pm which means no more essay writing. 9pm is my actual cut-off but I can sometimes push it. Tonight when the clock struck 9 I went downstairs to warn Mike that I was working late. He knows to come up and tell me to wrap things up if/when he hears
random yelps of rage, screams followed by tears or things thumping against the wall: books, my head etc. I managed to self-regulate tonight and stopped working just as I was ready to slam my hand against the wall next to my desk (the first sign of jaime meltdown mode).

Hmmm... reading that over again makes me wonder if that's normal. I gently refer to it as a 'meltdown' while others may think the word 'psycho' is a better descriptor. At least I am able to stop myself before the top pops most nights.

What else did I intend to bitch about? Oh right: the frost. I've had to scrape my car windows for the past two morning and it sucks. I thought we might just skip fall & winter this year and move right along into spring. Guess I was wrong. Maybe a christmas tree will help ease the pain... ohhhh and christmas lights!! Michael are you reading this? I want christmas lights out front this year please and thank you. This weekend will be the perfect time to get those suckers up there--before it gets too cold. See what a post of complaint can do? I found something positive to clutch at, I bet your thrilled babe.

Final complaint and hopefully a motivator since it's in writing: I HAVE TO WRITE MY ESSAY FOR TEACHERS COLLEGE APPLICATION THIS WEEKEND.

Is it Friday yet?

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