Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pick Me, Pick Me!!

Who doesn't love being given something fabulous for free?! Check out these fab blogs to find some wonderful giveaways:

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess is giving away a very cool children's book titled I Love You More that tells a story of love from two points of view. I absolutely love children's books, I used to sit in Chapter's for hours reading kids' books back in my college days, pure pleasure.

The Domestic Goddess is also giving away a non-toxic cleaner. I would love to get my paws on this... the products I use now are non-toxic and work great but who knows, maybe the brand she is raving about is even better! With or without the giveaways this blog is definitely worth checking out, she shares some fabulous tips for living green and who isn't trying to be more environmentally conscious?

Melody from the hip momma's journal is giving away two adorable tutus. I'm on the hunt for the perfect tutu for a certain little lady's Christmas gift so if I win this it will end my hunt. Crossing all crossables!

I found a very cool blog that does nothing but give all sorts of wonderful things away!! Fun fun!! Want in on the action? Check out Bloggy Giveaways. Be sure to check the Winners link if you enter for any giveaways, it would be a shame to win and not collect!! Let me know if you have any luck!

And this draw has already taken place but I thought I would mention it anyways because I think it was a really sweet idea. Stacy from The Land of K.A. gave away a personalized outfit to one lucky little nut, details here. I wish I would have gotten my comment in on time for this one because I'm in love with her kiddlet style, this little number in particular caught my eye. I think I'm going to ask Santa for a sewing machine for Christmas.... I want to learn to make beautiful bits for myself and the little people in my life!

Good luck everyone! Oh, and please share if you find any fab giveaways!


Stacy said...

Oh, thanks Jaime! Well, I hope you win some of the other giveaways. I hope you get your sewing machine from Santa, too! I would suggest taking a beginning sewing class just to get started on it...or ask your Grandma to show you how. That's what I did. :)

Just Jaime said...

Yep, i figured I would ask for a machine and some lessons because i have no clue what i'm doing! Hopefully that will change in the new year. :)