Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Putt Putt for the Fun of it...

A little tidbit I had meant to share last week simply because it amused me.

Background info: mike was at a conference/presentation thingo for work and arrived home late in the evening.

Front door flies open and in crashes my man bellowing "I won! I actually won!"

"You won?!"

"Yes I won!"

"What did you win?!" (getting excited - my parents won a trip to the Dominican, is it our turn now?!)

"Look, look I'll show you!"

Into the living room he strides proudly holding his prize and with a grin spread from ear to ear he introduces me to his new friend: "A PUTTER!!"

"oh... wow."

My husband doesn't golf and has no intention of starting.

I suggested he use it when we go mini-golfing we've been once in 7 years but who knows we might go again one day.


The Mommie said...

Baby Girlz.
The free trip will not come to Mike this soon....he has to be old to win something that big. Congrats to him on his new putter.
Is he going to name it?
The Mommie

Just Jaime said...

We can wish!!
No he won't name it, that's my weird habit not his... yet. hee hee

Melody A. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog for the giveaway! You need to come back though and say which size you'd like to win. Either a size 2 or 3. Come quick!