Sunday, March 23, 2008

This demon.

Etsy is one of my many demons, I spend far too much time bouncing around this fabulous site adding to my "one day..." wish list. Thankfully I have some self-control and am usually able to look and not buy, if I lacked self-control I would have handcrafted goodies spilling out of every room of my house.

"This is..." is a meme that was started by three buttons, want to join in? Just pop on over here and post a comment asking to join the "This is..." blog roll. Every Sunday three buttons posts her "This is..." for the week and let's us know who is choosing the theme for the following week. Join in, it's fun.

The theme for this week was chosen by drewzel.


Drewzel said...

ooh yeah, buying handmade stuff online is also one of my big vices. It's not such a bad thing, but then all my money just *disappears*!

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree, Etsy is a place of lost hours and full of ideas and inspiration. thanks for sharing