Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is...

looking out my front door.

Perfect timing for this weeks "This is..." chosen by Brooke. March certainly has come "in like a lion" here in Southern Ontario: 35 cm of the white stuff fell yesterday, a record snowfall for us. Thankfully today is a good day, the snow has stopped falling, the sun is shining and one of our very best friends brought his snowblower over to blow us out!

The first pic was taken looking out our front door and the pic above Mike snapped of me from our garage - that's our saviour Colin in the background! Corner lots certainly do have their downfalls, we have a LOT of sidewalk to maintain.

Let's hope March "goes out like a lamb" - I think we're all ready to see some green!


Kyla said...

Oh,Jaime I thought I was the only one. We just had a bunch more snow yesturday and we came in like a Lion here in Manitoba. There is a bright side to this it is supposed to be zero here tomorrow...I am really hoping I dont know how much longer I can take winter. It just needs to be over. Have a super Sunday, I hope you arent snowblowing yourself out all day. :)

kitty's kaboodle said...

wow so much snow, I've only ever seen snow once in my life and that was in japan. we don't get snow in melbourne town. have a great week

Jodie said...

Oh Gracious, the exact opposite to my door, where we are in drought.

The Mommie said...

Hey J.
JV & S & N were the cookie culprets. We were gone and they
dropped them off for us.
mmmmm....good. It brought our energy levels back up from working with all that white stuff.
They thought we had less snow than they did but I pointed out that we live on a 4 lane road and have a large front lawn on which to throw snow and they have a small front lawn and a very narrow street.
We have a big street so the snow is more spread out than their cramped street.
location is everything...hee..hee..
Either eay you look at it, it is still a lot of snow.
I need

Just Jaime said...

Kyla - always good to hear I'm not alone! How funny it is that we are both hoping for 0 degree weather. In a few months I'll be complaining that it's only 20 degrees. :)

Kitty's Kaboodle - Australia AND Japan?! Two of the places on my list of "oh please let me get there one day!" Lucky you! :)

Jodie - throw your address my way and I'll box up some of the white stuff for you! Please be sure to send some heat this way in return. ;)

Mom - so the cookie culprits were not grateful neighbours afterall? That means I can leave my bro a nasty message complaining of his neglect, no cadbury cream egg cookies for his little sister?! What the?

Thanks for your comments ladies!

Serena said...

Wow, that's so different to our 37 degrees celcius (around 100 degrees farenheit) temperatures in Melbourne today.. It's TOO HOT.. Some friends and I are about to go to the movies so we can sit in nice airconditioning for a couple of hours !!

Bird Bath said...

wow I feel cooler just looking at that...well I wish I did. We are experiencing a heatwave in Adelaide this week >> 5 days of blistering 38 degrees.

one little acorn said...

Great view from your front door. That is amazing, and here we are sweltering in nearly 40 degrees today. Lucky you though as you are heading toward Spring.

Will said...
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boobook said...

i want to come and make snow angels and foot prints in the snow!!
It was 38 degrees in Melbourne today!

Just Jaime said...

What a contrast, it's minus 21 here right now. Brr!

Hoping it's warmer in Manitoba than it is in Ontario Kyla!

little red said...

That is some serious snow! You may find it humorous to know that school is canceled when there is only an inch or so here... the kids would have the whole winter off if we had snow like that, lol!