Monday, March 10, 2008

Ear to Ear

Grab a cup of tea, this was meant to be a short post but it's not... Friends, babies, a new blog I love and some very cool sites are in store for you today. Enjoy!

March break is here and that alone is enough to make me smile. The main attraction this week is a much needed visit with one of my best girlfriends in the whole wide world: Jen! Only 3 more sleeps until I pick her up from the airport - YIPPEE! For the past eight years Jen has been working on cruise ships so unfortunately I don't get to see much of her. It has been a few years since I've had her all to myself for longer than an hour or two so I am super excited knowing that once I pick her up on Thursday afternoon I can hog her for 3 whole days! Wooo hoooo!

I met a fabulous new man today... he is the tiniest little guy I have ever had the pleasure of holding in my arms and his name is Carter. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me when I went to meet my friend Tamara's new baby boy but trust me when I say he is perfectly adorable. Carter was born on February 28th, he was a month early and weighed in at just over 5 lbs. He was 4 lbs something when he went home and his mommy figures he is appx 5.5 lbs today. Carter is the smallest baby I've had the pleasure of cuddling: his lips were perfect little rosebuds, his eyelashes were so teeny tiny they were barely there, his little nose was like a button (literally) and his fingers... ahhhh I better stop or soon I'll be hearing the chiming of a grandfather clock rather than the gentle tic toc I am able to ignore most days.

Here's a closeup shot of the the very simple card I made for Carter, of course I had to use a rub-on transfer:

The blue paper doesn't actually have a burnt look - not sure what's up with the color in this shot.

Other bits from my world...

I found a fabulous new blog named How About Orange which I think is strange, not the blog but the fact that I found it, because just this past weekend I mentioned to Tanya that I am really loving the colour orange lately. Why did I share that thrilling piece of info with her? Because she's the sort of girlfriend with whom I can share such useless bits of info and rather than looking at me with boredom and disgust, or simply ignoring me, as others might she acknowledged just how fabulous orange really is. Anyways, I found this new blog and think it's bloglicious.

While poking about my new fav orange blog I linked to this other amazingly wonderful site: tastespotting and let me tell you, this is one site where I see myself spending many free moments. Links to people's blogs where others have found amazing looking/tasting recipes that they stumbled upon and felt the need to share! Like this one. If you click on the tiny pic it will lead you to the blog... you could land at a blog such as this one - this recipe is not in English, you're all so lucky to have me here to state the obvious aren't you? What is says in a nutshell is: Zuccini "sushi". Grill zuccini sheets, fill with mozzarella cheese or mushroom risotto; roll it up and add color with paprika. I'm such a linguist! not really, it was written under the pic here.

Since I'm on a roll I should tell you that tastespotting led me to thisvery cool site where I see myself wasting more of my study time. On NOTCOT you'll find pics with descriptions that will lead you to cool, quirky and often just plain weird sites incyberland. The following pics were snagged from sites I found while trolling :

A close-up of the pin on this girls shirt - read description below for details.
I need one of these... seriously, I'm a slob.

Lola, a messy eater, has somehow managed again to get a
nasty stain on her shirt just before going out. But the fantastic kotztierchen'
gives the stain a purpose by simply making it part of her outfit. Lucky her!

Check out this crazy hotel in Athens, so cool!

One of the rooms you can rent:

And the hotel pool! Love it!

That's enough smiling for today. Good night!


jstorozuk said...

Strange kid, while only somewhat related I have been on an Orange kick myself. Those large navel oranges, min 2 per day. Orange must be in the blood or something.

Just Jaime said...

Two oranges per day?! You know what that means don't you? You're turning into dad. :) Remember? He used to eat those things like they were going out of style.
Let's turn orange into the new black.

The Mommie said...

Hey you two.
The mommie is always lurking.
Did you know that you both made funny ha ha's?
Jaime, talking about sushi..said you were on a roll...get it? on a roll..sushi gets rolled to make...
good one baby girlz!
John Vincent...talking about orange being in the blood...get it? blood and orange...blood oranges are an actual fruit...
good one baby boyz!
Actually I think you get your "Pun"
prowress from the mommie...
Such lucky little kiddies.
Love to both.
The Mommie

Just Jaime said...

oh yes, such lucky kiddies we are. aie yai yai. :)

tanzi said...

Um, my humour is less witty and more gritty...well, dirty. I just couldn't help notice that poor Lola looks like she's advertising for soft porn, not the t-shirt thingo. Anyway, maybe I'm just a pig or spending WAY too much time working with adolescent hormones...not mine...
Love the room in Athens!
And remember to embrace the adventurous energy of orange: you've taken many positive and laborious risks the last few years and I know it will all pay off. :)
big sloppy hugs,
Tanzi xxx

The Mommie said...

Hey J.
OMG!!! I just went on to the How About Orange site and saw that gorgeous hand bag. Did you see the materials available? Of course I had to go on to some of the other links posted and lost 2 hours just looking and poking around. I will be going back to that site for sure. BTW if you ever want to ship a tiger anywhere there are instructions on one of the sites I wandered into. hmmmmmm... I wonder if that works for dead bodies or husbands?!?
The Mommie

Just Jaime said...

Bwa ha ha! I thought the same, dirty minds think alike...

Mike must have thought the same as well because when I showed him the pic and said "I need one of these" (referring to the pin she's wearing) he looked at me kind of strange and asked "What exactly is she doing?".

I'm ready to move from blue to orange!!

The Mommie said...

P.S Tanya.
I agree with you. It looks more about what's in the shirt than what's on the shirt. Why didn't she wear a long-sleeved over-sized turtle-neck?
Would it not have also shown the cuteness and cleverness of the kotztierchen pin?
I think it would!
Mind you I have a shirt that I like and it has a stain and I have iron-on butterflies that I plan on putting on the shirt to hide the stain.
...What?!? who's to know? Well now everyone knows but who cares?
Trust me they are not going to look at my boobs. They don't go up that high...anymore.
Anyway, I digress, back to the boobs, er, I mean shirt.
It's not your hormones and you are not a pig. You are obviously a highly intelligent woman with good eyesight.
Lois AKA The Mommie
PSS Jaime, I love your blog. It is sooo interesting and lets me keep up with what your up to without being a creepy "Mommie Dearest"

Just Jaime said...

Lol! You're hilarious mom. I don't think Tanya was talking boobs, look above those and you might figure it out. It's the way the girl is posed with her snack. :)

So when is the Sweet Somethings blog to begin?

The Mommie said... ears are red.....
I only thought it was the boobs because they are so perky looking and are still able to resist gravity.
As for the dogs are good for I've heard.