Friday, March 21, 2008


My big bro commented today that I've been "slacking" in the blog department this week. My response was: "I didn't have much to say... Shut up." The 'shut up' was thrown in because I knew I was about to hear a snicker and a smart ass remark about how unlikely it was that I didn't have something to say.

Now that I think of it there has been lots for me to blog about in the last week, I just haven't felt like it. I've been in a bit of a funk, not sad or depressed just lazy and unmotivated. The end of my final term is quickly approaching, I'm still in limbo regarding teachers college (I'll know on April 3rd - cross your fingers), I'm bored at work and I've had enough of winter. I'm tired of scraping my windows in the morning, tired of layering clothes, tired of wearing socks and most of all I'm tired of complaining. I want more sunshine and less shiver.

I heard on the news yesterday morning that some weather brainiac has predicted six more weeks of unusually cold weather in Ontario. I can't stay in this funk for six more weeks so I'm forcing myself out of it. Tomorrow I'm going to work my butt off on my final assignment which is due this week, Sunday is family day and Monday I'm going to drag my butt off the couch to hit the pool with my girl Jessy. Time to de-funk.

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jstorozuk said...

I thought I smelt something funky.

Good for you kiddo.