Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is...

the contents of my handbag.


For the last few months I haven't been carrying a purse, my pockets have replaced my handbag. The positive bits of having no purse: I've managed to limit the amount of unnecessary items I have on my body and I've had one less bulky thing to worry about while trudging through the snow this winter. The main negative is the daily hunt through the closet to find my blackberry, lipstick, MAC lip glass and wallet, I never remember what coat I wore last and half the time they're spread between pockets and sometimes between coats.

Soon spring weather will arrive and I won't have the pocket room that I do now so it's time I get back into purse mode. What's that pretty splash of colour beneath my pocket contents you ask? Read my next post to find out!

"This is..." theme for this week chosen by Iris & Lily.


tanzi said...

Wow! Great job, lady!
You could seriously sell these. I love the lining of the fabric--gorgeous!

tanzi said...

Your photos are very cooly done, too!

Just Jaime said...

Thanks Tanya!! I'm considering doing just that - selling the bags. Why not?! :)

Just Jaime said...
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Maureen said...

Yep those crackberries need care. Nice concise contents, but as you say...a bit much for non-coat weather.