Sunday, March 23, 2008

Makes Me Melt

I'm not a real celebrity loving sort of girl, Johnny Depp is the exception, but after watching the most amazing flick EVER last night I have fallen in lust with the sexy creature seen above: Jim Sturgess. Yum in so many ways - those eyes, the voice that sounds like honey, the accent and that smile. I'm smitten.

If you haven't seen Across the Universe you really need to. Julie Taymor is the most fabulously creative woman: the storyline is excellent, the choreography, sets, costumes... it's all jaw dropping. The cast is refreshing, the main characters are all (formerly) unknowns with voices that are out of this world. I'm not a huge Beatles fan but hearing their songs sung by new voices forced me to listen to the lyrics, I certainly have a new appreciation for their music.

I've mentioned before that musicals on the big screen are not really my thing but this one is like nothing I've ever seen. Rent it and let me know if you agree. This video clip will give you a taste of the visual elements included in the film, simply amazing!

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