Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ladies Were on Fire!

What a fabulous night I had with the girls! Six of my amazing girlfriends joined me for dinner at my place and following that we headed to a nearby club where we met up with a few other girls and watched a pile of handsome firemen strut their stuff at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind's 3rd annual Hot Night in The City fundraiser. What a blast!!

By sending an email to the organizer in advance to ask if there was any chance I could reserve seats I managed to snag 12 seats in the second row! We were close enough to get clear views of the models yet far enough away to avoid being yanked out of our seats and up on stage (first row was hauled up for dancing).

I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I'll definitely be attending next year and intend to drag along an additional row of girlfriends (that includes you mom).

While I was checking out the latest fashions on some fine looking displays, Mike was in New Orleans at Emeril's restaurant (which apparently has an 8 week waiting list)!! Seriously, what are the chances of that?! He didn't even make reservations in advance, he arrived in New Orleans last night and met up with a colleague, the two were chatting about basketball while waiting for the valet parking guy and a woman standing next to them slips into the conversation and tells them that she used to work for the owner of the basketball team they were discussing. They start chatting, find out she's Canadian and owns some companies in New Orleans... the next thing they know she tells them that they really have to try eating at Emeril's, but there's an eight week wait, she proceeds to place a call and BAM! Mike and his colleague have reservations at Emeril's restaurant for them and the person they were there to meet with. What the?! Talk about lucky!!

Thanks to Emeril Mike has tried a new food, one I never thought he would put near his lips: escargot! Woo hoo! He becomes braver with age, I love it.

You know where I'll be expecting to eat when we eventually make it to New Orleans together...

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Lois said...

Hey J.
Glad you had a great time.
I look forward to going with you next year.