Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Frozen in NYC

This is so incredibly cool; take two minutes to check it out.
Thanks Shannon for sharing this with me.


tanzi said...

Yeah! This is very cool--Improv Everywhere has a site and you can check out a bunch of their events. There was one just last week at U of W that was inspired by these folks. I think it would be so much fun!
I keep telling our Drama kiddies we should stage one at school.
I LOVE the new look of your blog site, girl! Tell me how ya did it!!!
me xxx

Just Jaime said...

I'm going to go check out their site right now - so neat! I was thinking the same thing about your drama kidlets - it would be really cool to pull one off at school.

Thanks for the blog compliment! :)
I'm going to post this weekend with links to the helpful blog tutorials that led me through the process. It was pretty easy but took quite a bit 'play' time. Fun fun! The things you can find time to do while avoiding the completion of a social research paper. :)

The Mommie said...

You know you could never do couldn't keep your lips
still for that long.
hee...hee...hee...Just joking.
Don't let JV read this blog or
he will have a really good time
with his comments I am sure.
Also, sorry, T has put me to shame for not mentioning it earlier!
I also love the "new look" of your blog. You are so talented.
sigh.......I am so computer illiterate(sp?).
One of these days I may start a is on my "to do" list.