Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Vibes

Beautiful pic thanks to the fabulous Tammara from Tamm's Photos

The most amazing woman I know, my mom, has been crazy sick for the past week: spiked fever, vomiting, exhaustion and really bad shakes. Two late night trips to the hospital with all you can eat fluids via IV were part of her voyage. Between trip one and two was the 'unknown period'. The doctor told her there was an infection somewhere in her body but that he wasn't sure where; he also told her that it was possible they would never know where it had been. This freaked me out a bit - I wasn't panicking by any means but it certainly got me thinking - what if they can't find the infection and it just gets worse? It was during the second visit that results from the first finally came in and we found out that she has a kidney infection. Yay!! It stinks that she is having to deal with this but it's easily treatable.

My mom is the woman in my world who I love and respect more than anyone else. She is creative, intelligent, kind and so funny. I strive to be as fabulous as she is! I can't imagine my world without her and would greatly appreciate it if she would avoid getting sick so that I don't have to deal with nasty thoughts creeping into my head. That being said I would also like her to get it through her relatively thick, yet beautiful, skull that it's okay for me to worry about her - she has spent the last (almost) 30 years worrying about me so it's only fair that I reciprocate.

Thankfully mom is on the road to recovery! It's going to take some time though so please send some positive healthy vibes her way! I love you mommi!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby Girlz!
Ok, you can worry once in a while but not too often or too much.
Like your dad said, calling you at 11:30 at night (on a work night) when there was nothing to tell you was not something that was/is going to happen....ever.
See it all worked out, I have been diagnoised,prescribed and am on the healing road. I promise not to overdue it this coming week. I have absolutely no intention of going through hell week again...ever if I can help it.
All ladies & gents reading this, if you feel hot ask someone else if the room is hot. If the answer is no, then start monitoring your temp and get thee to an emerge room if it keeps going up instead down.
Don't keep thinking that you will get might get worse.
Thank you Jaime for being a wonderful daughter. You are an amazing person. :} We're so lucky our DNA connected. Look at what we made. We are so very proud of you.
Love, Hugs & Kisses (+)
The Mommie

Just Jaime said...

Stubborn woman - wonder why I'm so "determined" (aka stubborn). Wouldn't be genetic would it?

You're the best mom ever - seriously.
Muah! xo