Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Terrific Taste of India

Photo taken and uploaded by Kristian Rasmussen

Tanya left us a box full of lovely edibles when she took off to Russia. One of the treats found in the mix was Gourmantra's boxed Tandoori mix. I followed the simple directions printed on the box and the end result: DELISH. Mike gobbled down his plate of chicken and rice announcing how fantastic the chicken was appx. 8 million times before suggesting this become a weekly meal; it really was fabulous. If you like Indian food you have to give Gourmantra's boxed mixes a shot.


tanzi said...

Yay! Glad I could help with your culinary magic.
I love the "before she took off to Russia" comment. :)
Makes it sound like I was in a pissy mood so just left the country. :)

Jaime said...

Well you were, weren't you?! ;) Just teasing. It's more like I was in a pissy mood because you left.