Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mmmm This Week

Stuck to the menu once again this week, minor changes but nothing that entailed a trip to the grocery store. High five for me.

I skipped Tantalizing Tuesday this week but will try to remember to post a goodie for you this round.

Here's the menu, yum.

Monday: mini pita pizzas
Tuesday: Kim's Nana's Parmesan Chicken chicken recipe along with wee roasties - newbie
Wednesday: broccoli soup with sandwiches on fresh crusty buns - didn't bother with the soup last week so it's a newbie
Thursday: tacos
Friday: Soy Glazed Beef with Green Bean stirfry - so yum!
Saturday: Saturday: Chicken breasts with egg noodles on the side
Sunday: Anniversary dinner - order in

Glub, glub.


Kimber said...

Hope you enjoy the chicken! I love it...and I don't even like chicken.

Jaime said...

The chicken has been put off for another week... I keep forgetting to buy the cheese! It's been on my list two weeks in a row and I still forget. I'll be sure to let you know when we finally try it, Kim!