Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is it really only January?!

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PMS is a crazy thing. I spent a good chunk of last night crying my eyes out and then wilted once again today but this time it was in front of one of my professors. Nope, I wasn't in her office as one might think, I was standing at the front of the lecture room. Thankfully class was over and my back was turned to the majority of my peers. Oh the joys of hormones.

Of course she said all the right things as I blubbered my shaky embarrassed apology while wiping at the never ending stream of tears: you're tired, you're frustrated, you have a tonne on your plate etc. She then assured me that she would help me with my most major issue and suggested I not stress about handing in a proposal that's due tomorrow. Of course I will get the proposal done but at the time hearing those words was exactly what I needed.

One of my girlfriends assured me that I wasn't alone in the 'weeping in front of the prof department' - nevertheless I'm still pretty embarrassed. I need to get some sleep, wipe a few assignments off my plate, finish up the resumes and cover letters that need to be sent out and drink a glass of wine... then I'll feel much better. Ugh.

I would much prefer to drink the wine, go to bed and wake up in May. I know I'm almost there and that I'll get through it but hell, I'm allowed to have the odd self-pity day, right?!


Kimber said...

Oh you poor girl. What a crappy day. At least your dept head was decent about it. Mine was bewildered when I had my meltdown all those years ago and basically left the room! ha ha

Tomorrow WILL be better. Go outside, take a big, deep breath of fresh winter air, and then hit the books & the bottle (and have one for me, wouldja?). HANG IN THERE. It will be worth it in the end.

Jaime said...

Thanks Kim, it's always good to hear about other people's 'equally as embarrassing' situations. I'm lucky to have a fairly supportive faculty at my school.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Aww called me on Wednesday night and I was in such a rotten mood myself that I didn't pick up on yours and I didn't even ask how your day went.
I am a big poop.
I am so sorry.
Have 2 glasses of wine.
Can't hurt, might help.
Love you.

Jaime said...

It's okay mom, I was feeling a lot better by the time I called and honestly wasn't calling to listen to myself whine more... I hadn't spoken to you in forever and wanted to hear your voice, that's all! :)
You're not a poop, you're awesome.

tanzi said...

You are totally normal, babe. That might not mean much coming from me, but congrats anyway. They bust your beautiful ass at t-college and I'm really not sure why. Remind yourself of all you are accomplishing, and that when you are running your own show with your own class you can time your melt downs on YOUR schedule. :) Until then, let 'em happen and don't ever feel bad.

And Kimmy, I didn't know that witch left the room. Man I wanna key her car and pee in her corn flakes.