Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sew Lovely!

I've found a new medium and I have fallen sew in love. My second mom suggested I create some beach bags for the summer and off I went to hunt for some water resistant material: faux leather was my fab find. I have to hit the sewing shop for some advice - sewing through a few layers of vinyl was not the easiest task so I'm curious to hear what the experts suggest: a teflon foot maybe? I managed okay but my finished edge is a bit wonky on the inside and there was a bit of a drag visible on the inside.

Vegan bags are going to be my focus this spring/summer. Here's the beach bag proto-type: vinyl inside and out for easy cleaning and to keep your goods dry. What do you think?

I wish I could find a little bit of time to sew every day, it's such a great stress reliever and helps to wash the sads away.


Sweet Somethings by Lois said...
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Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Sorry about the deletion.
I goofed.
Let’s try this again.....
I LOVE the bag.
I happen to know someone who has an ugly black vinyl bag that she has used for years and years. She uses it whenever she goes to the beach or to the ocean or wherever it is wet. In fact it went to China with also.
I know this person is going to the seashore in the late spring. Sometime at the end of April or sew I am told.
Wouldn't this bag make a great birthday present for that certain someone who likes just about any colour except that she isn't crazy about lime green?
Wonder why? (Think of the letters JPS.)LOL!
Anyway that certain someone’s birthday is in April in case you forgot.
PS If he asks for one in lime green tell him NO!!!! He cannot have a lime gren one under any circumstances!

Jaime said...

A birthday in April huh? I think i know a few people with April birthdays... I'm pretty sure I can locate some lime green for you mom, let me see what I can do. Lol!

Glad you like the new style - wait till you see the new shoulder bag! Still trying to get the stitching down on it but I'll share soon.

Bridie said...

WOW - absolutely LOVE the bag Jaime !! I have a feeling that you will be making lots of them.

tanzi said...

Um, GORGEOUS!!! Your mom is always so clever. Good job on you both! I love it and will place my order soon so I can pick one up this summer.
Tres chic and groovy, baby!

Kimber said...

Hey, I live near a beach! I like bags!

Jaime said...

Lol! Glad to see the bag is a hit... now if only the stitches would behave themselves - I'll get it right soon!