Monday, May 12, 2008

Zip It

Not only does Etsy feature a kazillion beautiful handcrafted items but there are loads of fabulous supply sellers there too! How perfect is this for me? I can now kill two cravings with one bite: shop on Etsy and feed my addiction of sewing supplies.

I stumbled upon a super shop that has the cutest freaking name ever and awesomely cute bits and pieces for fab prices. Check out Kung Fu Cowgirl's shop seriously, don't you love that name? and tell me there's not one single item there that makes you squeal due to the cuteness factor.

I can't wait to work in an elementary school again so I can revert to my rave days and wear wonderfully silly things without looking like I am one of the kids. Working in a high school means dressing up or being mistaken for a student (yes it has happened on more than one occasion). Once I'm back with the little boys and girls I can accent my grown-up gear with lovely earrings like the ones pictured below and totally get away with it.

Back to the point of my post. Kung Fu Cowgirl rocks. I purchased a pile of zippers from the shop last week, 15 zippers (pink, white and blue) for $10 shipping included! I can't buy zippers that cheap from Lens Mill even. Needless to say I was stoked when I found this deal and I was even happier when the packaged arrived from the USA within 7 business days and contained some unexpected extras. I'm a thrifty gal and love when I'm thrown some extra bits without warning.

Check out the pig magnet, too cute! I was eyeing it in the shop and stopped myself from purchasing it because I was trying to behave myself and only purchase things I needed. Behind the magnet are some teeny tiny very sweet stickers and those who know me know that I love stickers!

Big thanks to Kung Fu Cowgirl for the fabulous goods!


Stacy said...

Love the colors of those zippers...and free gifts are so fun. I'll have to take a looksee at her shop!

Just Jaime said...

Aren't they pretty! I couldn't resist.

Lois said...

How appropriate is that....a pig?
Did Mike roll his eyes when you told him?

Just Jaime said...

You guessed it mom! He groaned, rolled his eyes and then laughed. :)