Friday, May 23, 2008

My "It" Things Designer Contest

Have you been to the website Take a moment to check it out, it's a pretty cool site. Basically it's a social shopping network, there are some decent writers (bloggers) and loads of unique items for home, entertainment, tech, fashion and body being posted by the sites users. You can create your own page where you share your thoughts on bits you have and love or those you don't but want.

There are contests featured on the site too, mostly writing contests where any user who opens a free writers account can submit an entry, but design contests are featured as well. The prizes are pretty impressive, check out some of the past contests here.

EterKnity has recently entered the It Designer Contest. They chose five of their fabulous pieces for the contest, please take a minute to vote for their designs, your vote could be the one that helps them win an amazing opportunity to see their designs on the runway in a NYC fashion show.

Here's how to vote:

STEP A. Create an account on

STEP B. Visit the contest main page and click on your favorite design items.

STEP C. Once you are on the individual (EterKnity) design page you will be able to rate it by clicking on one of the 5 stars located below the design name (1 star being the lowest rating).

The final score for each designer will be calculated from the combination of the total number of people voted, number of designs and the stars scored (i.e. each additional scored star will add 1 point to the total score).

Although wishing them luck and crossing your fingers and toes for them is appreciated it would be so much better if you would take the time to vote! Thanks everyone!


EterKnity said...

Hi Jaime: Thanks so much for including these links!!

Just Jaime said...

You are very welcome!