Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is...

a mosaic of things that make me think of my amazing Mom.

1. Sky Walker, 2. Fleur de Lis #4, 3. The Grand Damme, 4. Day 239, 5. Decorate, 6. Colorful tea cups, 7. Felty (decapitated) Sloth, 8. Young Lilac, 9. snow robin, 10. Untitled, 11. Shell pick 'n' mix, lightly arranged, 12. NZ097

Happy Mother's Day to the Mommi!

Thanks Three Buttons for sharing the mosaic making link.


Lois said...

Thank you Jaime.
Your Mother's Day mosiac is great.
I understand everything but the clown face. Is it for the chocolate bar? I do love Baby Ruths when I can get them.
Thank you again for the lovely day we had, I enjoyed it very much.

Lindsay Bear said...

What beautiful pictures you've found to represent your mom! How sweet!

Just Jaime said...

Mom are you serious?! I'm disappointed. *just teasing*
It's SLOTH from Goonies, your most fav movie EVER! I'm not insinuating that you look like Sloth, but you do love the movie!

Maureen said...

Glad you understood Lois. ;-) I think of the fire as a Wild Woman dancing under the moonlight.

Just Jaime said...

Lindsay bear thanks for your thoughts, it took a long time to find the images I wanted and I could have gone on and on but in the end I think I chose the right ones.

maureen - I love your description of the fire. My mom loves to dance and has a 'thing' for the night sky so it fits perfectly.

Every time I sit in front of a bon fire and that warm sleepy feeling slips over me I feel like I've been warped back in time; I can picture my mom's face clear as day lit up by the fire while she sings with a smile to my uncle's guitar. Such sweet memories.

Lois said...

Oh my gosh Jiame. How great is that? How could I forget the baby ruth bars in Goonies? That tells me I need to watch it again. I have to wait till dad falls asleep. I thought he was getting tired of re-watching it so often that I haven't put it on for a while. It is perfect! Thanks!