Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Rose With No Thorns

Another long weekend bites the dust. Not surprisingly the Victoria day weekend was damp and cold for the most part, it never fails. A nasty cold caught me off guard last week so I wasn't too upset when typical May 2-4 weekend weather rolled in on Saturday, being lazy didn't mean missing out on sunshine and gelato. Thankfully I had some lovely visitors to keep me from slipping into depths of sicko self-pity.

Cara came home from Van with her beautiful baby girl Rosie to surprise her mom for mother's day with a 10 day visit, and what a fabulous surprise it was. Lucky me also benefited from this perfect gift, I had finally accepted the fact that I would not see my new niece-by-love-not-blood again until August, then Cara emailed to say she was coming home. Yippee!

The little beauty is growing quickly, she is a solid little nut with the most adorable leg rolls.

A few things I noticed this visit: Rosie is holding her head up easily now but still struggling a little to control her body, she's generous with her smiles (each made me melt a little more than the last), much like her mommy she is a bit of a grump and needs some "me-time" when she wakes up, she loves watching tv (a new discovery that mommy wasn't too thrilled to unearth), she looks a lot like her daddy, still smells like a new baby (when will she lose that smell? are babies like new cars? is it a gradual thing or does it happen all of a sudden?) and she is a very social little being. Considering she isn't used to being passed from person to person she handled being mauled very well. Yes, I will admit I was one of the maulers. No, I did not put the hat on her little bean but I did snag the opportunity to snap a picture of her and it's one of my favorites from this visit.

My niece neve was thrilled to meet little Rosie and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was okay with me holding the baby as long as Neve could hold her too. When I asked what she thought of holding a real baby she replied "Whoa, she's heavy... and wiggly too."

Thanks for the wonderful visit Cara & Rosie! I miss you both already and can't wait to see both of you, and Herwig too, this summer.


tanzi said...

Aw! Looks good on ya, James.
Wiggly...I love it.
Cara looks great, too. :)

Just Jaime said...

I thought it was a pretty good descriptor. ;)
Yep, she's a hot mama.

Lois said...

We had a great visit with Cara and Rosie. What a little cutie. I was surprised how Neve let you hold both her and the baby. Did you see the look that papa got when Neve found him holding Rosie? And the" What are you doing Papa? in that accusing voice she has?
That made me laugh!

Just Jaime said...

Hilarious! I love how she spotted him and then froze with that look on her face, like you CANNOT be serious Papa. :) She was very mature about it though.