Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Not Fair!

I used one of my least favourite complaints more times today than I would like to count. Here I go again: it’s not fair.

In the last couple weeks I’ve heard more negative news than good, I’ve been handed one nasty bit of info after the other. The bad news can stop flowing anytime now.

My cousin’s little boy goes for surgery on June 16th to remove a mass on his brain that was discovered a couple weeks ago. Thankfully the mass is in a ‘good place’ and the doctors are being very positive, they expect a full recovery and are hopeful that the surgery will put an end to the terrible seizures the wee man has been dealing with for the past few months. Scary stuff.

My feline nephew (Joanne & Paul’s kitty) Aristotle was diagnosed with cancer last week. The poor cat has an aggressive tumor on the side of his face and things are not looking good. Anyone who has an animal of their own knows how awful it is to see your pet in pain; I feel terrible for Joanne, Paul and the boys.

Waiting for major test results for a very important person in our world and although positive thinking is taking place the not knowing part stinks, we’re human and can’t help but worry.

I found out today that a little 8 year old boy I know, the son of my colleague, aspirated on Friday evening and was air lifted to a nearby children’s hospital. He has been in intensive care since Friday and has been heavily sedated since then. I don’t know any more details but I do know that he and his family could use some prayers sent their way.
 Update: Apparently there is light at the end of the tunnel, it has been determined that the doctors' worst fears have cleared. They are going to begin to slowly bring the little guy out of sedation, well wishes for full recovery would be helpful.

UPDATE June 4th:  Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse with the little man mentioned above. Please send extra prayers his way. 

Finally, the most recent piece I was delivered this evening that just threw me over the edge: my good friend’s mother passed away on Saturday. Amber my heart aches for you sweetie.

I’m not posting this for pity or with the hope of upsetting you but I would love some of your positive thoughts. Whether you prefer to pray or simply to send positive energy to others when they need a lift I ask you to please send some in my direction, I promise to dole it out to all the people surrounding me who need it.

Sometimes life really isn’t fair and this is one of those 'times' for far too many of the people I care about.


Lisa said...

My word, what a time of trial for so many. It would be my pleasure to send some positive thoughts their way.

Just Jaime said...

Thank you Lisa. :)

Lois said...

Hey J.
You know dad and I are with you on sending positive thoughts. I would also ask that anyone reading this blog uses the "power of prayer" to whatever "God" that they belive in and ask for compassion and blessings for everyone mentioned in this blog.

Stacy said...

Oh, sorry to hear about all the bad things happening around you. Prayers and positive thoughts for you.

Just Jaime said...

Thank you very much. I wish I could ease the ache for all of these wonderful people, hopefully positive energy will help some of them hurt a little less.

Bridie said...

Jaime: Thoughts and prayers as always - thinking of you. I have lit a candle on this site for everyone in your message:

tanzi said...

Continuing to send healing thoughts and peace, James. To you and all of those you mention.
Hold on, darlin'.

Just Jaime said...

Many thanks for all the kind thoughts and words.

Bridie that's the first I've seen of that site, it's really a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing.