Tuesday, June 24, 2008

14 Million Dollars!!

My brother-in-law Paul participated in an amazing fundraiser this past weekend: The Ride to Conquer Cancer. Participants rode 200 km (124.27 miles for my friends from the USA) on their bicycles in just two days!

Although tired and sore from his journey Paul crossed the finish line with an ear to ear smile plastered on his face. Seeing him and hundreds of other participants (2850 in total) cross that line was really an amazing feeling. It might sound cheesy but there was a real feeling of hope in the air. Although there were many seasoned cyclists taking part in the ride the majority of the participants were average Joes: people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Unbelievable... 200 km!

This was the first year the fundraiser took place and a jaw dropping total of 14 million dollars was raised for The Princess Margaret - one of the 5 leading cancer research hospitals in the world - the money will go directly to the highest cancer research priorities! 14 MILLION DOLLARS!! That just blows my mind.

Kudos to you Paul! I am in awe of you and your accomplishment, congratulations!


Lois said...

How awesome is that?
Your right...KUDO's for Paul on his terrific accomplishment. Can you send me his email address?

EterKnity said...

Ahhh...thanks for the mention Jaime. Paul did his bit for cancer research and now I have the bug! I'm thinking of doing the ride too either next year or the year after. It was such an inspirational weekend and one I won't forget. Thanks for joining our "Cheering Squad" and coming along. It's always so nice to have such great support!!