Saturday, August 23, 2008

Turn it up for Todd Terje!

Turn up the volume on your computer if you want to hear some sweet sounds flowing from your speakers. I've resisted the urge to add a music widget to my blog for some time now because more often than not I'm totally annoyed when I find one on a blog (usually because my volume is up waaay too high and I end up being blasted off my chair thanks to some cheese oozing from my speakers) but I'm currently obsessed with the dj Todd Terje. This obsession stems from the mix you'll hear playing if you would just turn up the volume. It's a suh-weeet mix, really... trust me I've listened to it about a kazillion times in the last month and I'm still not sick of it. That being said, let me know when you're sick of hearing it and I'll throw something new on... maybe.

Speaking of music, the other day I was listening Mozart and wow that is one talented guy. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous but I've never been a classical music sort of girl and I realize now that's because I had never really listened to it. Two thumbs up for Wolfgang!


tommy said...

it does suck when you go to blogs and the songs are on there. especially at the office.

Jaime said...

Exactly. I really should find a music widget where you have the option of turning it on... right now I'm being selfish because I'm in looooooooove with this mix. Everyone who visits will suffer because of my addiction.
Thanks for stopping by!

tanzi said...

Thanks for the music tip and link! And hey, classical music really is good for the soul. I've wanted to make a conscious effort to listen to it more--thanks for the nudge! I took a class in uni and loved it.
Listen to Mozart's The Magic Flute--good stuff (a wee bit hard to dance too, though).

tanzi said...

LOVE the mix!!! Thanks!
I have the original MIA song on my i-tunes list. It's a great song it ya don't know it.

Jaime said...

Oooo thanks for the recommendation Tanya! I'll definitely check it out. Jenny sent me a long list of suggested Jazz artists so I'll be post some thoughts on those soon. :)

Glad you like the mix! I knew you would like it!

Bridie said...

If you like Mozart you should watch the movie Amadeus. It's a great movie for anyone interested in Mozart.