Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Matchstick Spreads the Word

A few weeks ago a woman left a comment on my blog asking if I would be interested in testing a health/beauty product. I checked out Matchstick, the Canadian company she works for, online and then emailed her to find out more. The founder of Matchstick is brilliant if you ask me, it's basically a word of mouth marketing company - before I write any more I should let you know that I am not being paid or offered any other incentive to say this - they initiate consumer to consumer marketing by offering product trials to average Joes (Jaimes in my case). It's a simple idea that makes a whole lot of sense. I purchase new things based on the opinions expressed by friends, family, co-worker and other bloggers way more often than I do based off of a TV commercial or magazine advertisement.

Basically I spoke to the lovely Adrienne (a Matchstick employee) and answered a bunch of survey questions. Based on my answers she determined that I would be an appropriate candidate for the Whitening Listerine product trial. All I have to do is use Whitening Listerine quick dissolving strips twice a day for two weeks and let people know what I think. Matchstick mailed me a box of strips (boxed in a really cute tin as I'm sure you can see in the pic above) so it's costing me nothing to take part in this, they also sent me a pile of free trial strips to give out to friends. Finally I will be posting a link so that all of you can get your own free trials as soon as I receive the email with the link.

Here's what came in the tin Matchstick sent me

Now obviously I don't want to tell you how fabulous a product is if it sucks so Adrienne assured me that they did not expect me to tell anything other than the truth about my experience: if I hate the strips or feel they don't do what the box promises you'll be the first to know.

I've used a professional teeth whitening kit supplied by my dentist in the past, it worked but was a messy, gag inducing experience thanks to the tray I had to fill with bleach and wear on my teeth for a super long and nasty period of time; so far I like the Listerine strips better. I tried the strips for the first time tonight and aside from the initial blech chemically taste the experience wasn't so bad - you stick the strips on your teeth and let them dissolve: easy peasy. I have caps on my top teeth so I can only use the strips on the bottom, this works for me because my caps are whiter than my real guys so it will be really easy for me to tell how well the strips work: can my bottom teeth be as white as the top?! *insert suspenseful music here* Only time will tell. I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

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