Thursday, August 16, 2007

To market, to market to be creeped out by clowns

Another morning at the market with T. Both of us were blah so we didn't make any major purchases, spent our time making fun of the creepy clown who was at the market and who just happens to be the same weirdo clown guy who poked T's sis in the boob with his warped balloon pole/animal while laughing his super freaky 'hee hee hee' at T's Grandma's retirement home. How wrong is that? What an image. Seriously you should hear this guys laugh though, creeeeeepy. Maybe next time I'll bring a video camera and I'll ask him to make a special balloon creature just for T. ha! She would be thrilled I'm sure.

Now he wasn't quite as creepy as the guy up above but that's the image I have in my bean when I think of clowns. I had no idea why I've had this hate on for clowns until my mom reminded me a couple weeks ago that when I was taught "stranger danger" in kindergarten the strangers in the fabulous 80's film were clowns. Phew! That's why I'm so screwed up. Well, it's one piece of the puzzle anyways.

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