Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cherries in the potty

I bought some delicious looking cherries and thought it would be very cool to take a pic of them in my new pink, er I mean RED, powder room. Why? Good question. I don't eat in the bathroom usually (unless I'm in the tub and that's only chocolate or tea and only on very rare occasions--the chocolate, not the tea, tea in the tub is a regular occurrence) but I thought that the cherries would look funky in the new room. Don't ask, just nod and smile. Anyways, it's unfortunate but I ate all of the cherries before I had the powder room all ready for its pic. Oh well.

There will be a evidence of our fabulous new room posted tomorrow morning. It's killing me to hold off on putting the mirror back up and the pictures and blah blah blah but I'm being patient because I know I'll be super angry with myself if I smudge paint all over the place due to my impatience.

Speaking of cherries... well not really at all but I'm sure he/she will be as sweet as a cherry so there's the connection. One of my most favorite people on earth is having a baby and I'm crazy excited and so badly wishing I could be with her to witness all of the amazing changes that are about to occur in her life. Unfortunately I'll have to witness from afar because she's in BC and I'm in Ontario and it doesn't seem as if either of us will be moving closer to the other anytime soon. *sigh* That's okay, I can still spoil a baby long distance right?

Congratulations C & H I'm so very happy for the two of you! You're going to make such amazing parents and damn that kid is going to be cute. Different too I'm sure, nothing average about this little peanut considering where he/she is coming from! that is meant as a compliment by the way.

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