Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is...

my jewelry box.

I think this was a christmas gift from mom and dad a loooong time ago but I'm a bit fuzzy in my mind, maybe my mom will help me out with my memory lapse.

Inside is a mess of 'stuff' I wear on a regular basis... I need some new earrings. Hmmmm Etsy earring hunt anyone?

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Lois said...

Hey J.
I think we did give that to you one year. It looks like something I would have gotten from Pier One or 10,000 Villages.
Glad you still use it.
I want to know how all you ladies keep your jewellery boxes so neat looking. I have that beautiful cherry one that dad gave me for xmas 2 years ago and most of my stuff is still in the old cookie tin that my mom used from about age 15 to 60 or so and the old one I got from dad when I was 18 or so.
Also the box that came with stationery in it that I got from Aunt Nancy for xmas the year dad and I first started dating. And the little brass turtle, that is really an inceanse burner, I got when I was 15 from Uncle Conrad and the brass cuppie/thingy I bought at a flea market about 20 years ago. Not to mention the little silver piano that I got from you and JV for Moms day when you were both still little and the pill box that JV gave me for my birthday one year when he was about 3 or so. Gee wiz, now I feel guilty about not using dads. I must put "sort my jewellery" on my to-do list.

Just Jaime said...

You'll have to snap a quick pic of your assorted jewelry containers mom and post for 'this is...' - you're allowed to post late nobody will care! :) I love that little brass turtle... and the piano... and the pill box. I used to love poking through them when I was a kid to see what pretty jewelry you had hidden in them. We gave you the piano? I don't remember, I must have been just a wee one then.

*sigh... memories*