Monday, April 28, 2008

Rick Rack Paddy Whack

Another little bits bag.

This little orange baby was supposed to be my first wristlet. After sewing it all together, including interfacing to give it a little more shape this round, I triumphantly pulled the bag rightside out and then deflated a little when I discovered my mistake: the wristlet was between the exterior fabric and liner. Whoops. Oh well, learn from your mistakes right? I know what I did wrong so next time I'll get it right. I love the rick rack on this pouch but feel like it's missing something... hmmm OH I KNOW: a wrist strap.

I experimented a little this weekend and found a better, faster technique for creating these bags. Yay for my sewing machine and yay for finding something I like to do at home besides sifting through cyberspace.

I made another tiny bits bag this weekend for Tanya. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it so I'm going to have to make another one. I don't mind of course, I love the fabric and am looking forward to playing with it some more. I had meant to sew one up for her months ago when she, the superstar teacher that she is, found out that she was hired to teach in Moscow next year! When she's away she can look into her purse, see her pouch and think of me. The fabric is covered with nesting dolls, too cute.

Tanya pointed out that the little bits bags are the perfect size for a passport, of course they'll fit some other goodies too, maybe a hand held Yahtzee T?


tanzi said...

Hey Seamstress Extraordinnaire!
You are welcome to borrow my lovely bag to take a pic. My camera isn't working otherwise I'd do the photo op myself.
I Looooooove it! Don't go making one too close to mine, now. I gotta be special. :) I think I can keep my contraband safely stowed away in it. Yay!
I like your latest creation, too. Fun colour!
me xxx

Lois said...

The Mommie is crying....very hard...She hasn't got a lovely wristlet bag for her new hoo...The mommie would even take one that was defective...espically if it was in some funky blue coloured material...the mommie likes blue, or yellow, or red, or any colour...BIG SIGH..........
The mommie saw the material for T's bag...hee...hee...t'bag....and was very impressed....T is a lucky girl....luckier than the mommie...
BIG SIGH.......BUT the mommie did get a new purse so she should not be sad or bitchy.....sorry T....sorry J......The mommie will go stick her head in her purse and will repeat ten time....I will not be a big suckie.....I will not be a big suckie......

Just Jaime said...

When "the mommie" starts referring to herself in the third person over and over again people start to question her sanity. :)

No need to cry mom, mother's day is just around the corner. Never know what might be coming your way.

I'm happy you love your wee bag T! I won't duplicate it, I'll be sure it's a little different. No worries.

Bridie said...

Seems like you have a group going there Jaime - can I call you "the Bag Ladies" ? Just the new bag.