Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Worth a Look or Two or Three

On occasion I come across things online that make my insides light up; other times I read/see something that would cause liquid to shoot out of my nose if I had happened to take a sip of something just before viewing it... and almost always I think to myself 'I should post that', and then I don't. Here's hoping I start to share my fav findings with you a little more often. I'll kick things off with a few of my most recent favs.

Today's post over at Dooce is one of the funniest I've read. I dare you to make it through this one without cracking a smile or letting out a giggle... maybe even a snort.

I am presently working with youth and therefore should not find humor in the following video but this kid is so utterly ridiculous he's funny. The last bit where he goes on about his glasses being famous made me laugh pretty hard. I thought the entire thing was a joke but it's not, this really happened and this kid is serious, as serious as he can be looking the way he does. The media has done a fabulous job of making this kid and his sunglasses more famous than he could have ever imagined. Ridiculous but quite funny. Please god do not 'bless' me with a son anything like this little jackass:

It's very possible, and quite likely, that the police dealing with the brat above would have found use for the following fabulous Etsy find: CarolyLeeDesign Shop's HateMail had me giggling like crazy. Here's one of the designs that my probation officer friend would surely love to have on hand, as would many a teacher I'm sure:

And this one was so random I couldn't help but laugh, and share.

My girlfriend Cara sends me the strangest cards imaginable, so strange I won't even post them because it's likely you would be disturbed and wonder whether there is something terribly wrong with her there's not, she's just odd. I'm thinking I'll snag a few of these cards to send her way with the hope of brightening her day every now and then. Oh how I love my twisted friends.

These photographs by Jason de Caires Taylor are incredible.

Finally, I'll share with you a blog I stumbled upon this evening that is filled with fabulous photographs and lovely crafts that make me smile: moonstitches.


Qtpies7 said...

I got lost in all your links, lol. Thanks! Love the Hate mail!!!

Just Jaime said...

I was a little link happy in that last post, sometimes it happens. :) Glad the Hate mail gave you a laugh, that was my hope when I shared it.

I cannot believe you have 7 kidlets, you are a brave woman!

The Mommie said...

Hi J.
I was just re-reading this blog and this time I read the card rather than just thinking how cool it looked. Hmmmmm....what the card says is true but how it says it is really nasty isn't it? Yup, I think I like that site. I will have to visit it. I can't see me sending any of them out to enemies as I don't have any, but I do have a few friends that would get a kick out of the cards...the letter W comes to mind. I will wait till she is drinking something as it makes her snort so ladylike when she gasps for breath while she is choking. hee...hee..hee..just kidding...about the drinking part not the giving of the card part.
The Mommie
PS This has made me think and now my head hurts. Do I have enemies? Could someone actually be jealous of me? YEH!!!! That means someone hates me which means they are really jealous of me. I never thought this would happen to me.....I am a happy mommie...hee...hee.. Happy endorphins are flowing through my brain now and headache is gone.
Smile and happy sigh.