Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Already 7


Our nephew Michael is seven years old today. It blows me away to think that he's been here on earth for just seven years, it seems like he has been part of my world for much longer. That being said I can't believe he's seven already - only three years until he's in the double digits! Time flies!

I can still remember the day Mike called me at work to tell me that there was a new little man in our world named Michael, I couldn't wait to meet the little nut and fell in love as soon as I did. Happy Birthday little buddy!! Looking forward to birthday cupcakes & a celebration tonight!

Today is a snow day so I took some time to make wee Michael a birthday card. I'm new to the whole card making thang so it's certainly not perfect and maybe has a little too much going on but check it out anyways:

The outside - obviously.

The pic below isn't great, the colours are a little off (not sure if it's just my monitor or poor lighting when I took the pic) but I sealed the envelope before checking the shots out so it will have to do. fyi: his name is actually written in red, not black.

I need to get some letter stamps & rub on transfers for lettering on cards; marker certainly doesn't look the best but I think it turned out pretty good nonetheless.

Happy Happy Day!

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