Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dad & the Demon Barber

I ventured out with my dad on monday for dinner & a movie: a terribly late as in 2 years late father's day gift. Yes I'm crazy busy but really that's brutal - 2 years late?! bad bad daughter. Unfortunately we didn't have much dad & daughter time in 2007; it was such a ridiculously busy year and usually one of the other mutually adored ladies in our lives mom or my niece Neve was with us when I did find time to visit. I'm not suggesting that this is a bad thing, because I love every moment I have with my fab fam, but hanging out with dad on monday reminded me of how much I enjoy spending quality time with him. Our plan is to spend some more time hanging out this year: dinner and movie nights every other month. The bonus is that dad is willing to watch just about any movie out there so he's a great date!

We saw Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Oh Johnny Johnny. I've had a thing for him since his 21 Jump Street days yes I know, me and 8 billion other females and don't miss an opportunity to gaze at him. I remember tacking a poster of him to my ceiling when I was a kid so that his face was the last thing I saw before I went to bed - my first celebrity crush.

Besides the obvious fact that he's a seriously sexy man, he's one of the best actors alive and chooses great films to show off his skills. Johnny Depp & Tim Burton are the most perfectly matched duo. Weird meets weirder = perfect weirdness. Burton must be one twisted man, his movies always amaze me, to crawl into his bean for even just one hour would be quite the experience.

I wasn't too sure about Sweeny Todd, the fact that it's based on a broadway musical made me a bit nervous: musicals are meant to be seen live, not on a screen. The first twenty minutes were a bit painful but I was pleasantly surprised with the remainder of the film. It wasn't the best movie but worth checking out. Depp and Helena Carter sounded fabulous together; who woulda thunk Depp could sing? Yum.

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