Saturday, December 29, 2007

Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

I tried hard but couldn't get into this read. I heard lots of great things about this book so when a friend managed to get her paws on a copy for me to borrow I was super excited to finally dive into it. Into the bath I went with candles, bubble path and hot chocolate...within minutes I found myself wishing I had brought another book into the tub or maybe a bottle of wine.

I tried on three different occasions times to get into the story and spent 15 minutes each time dragging my eyes over the words and wishing I would like it. The narrator tells her story through letters to her ex-husband; this style is definitely not my thang. YAWN.

Finally the simple words of wisdom which a friend heard from another friend and passed my way popped into my head: if you don't like a book, don't finish it. Why force myself to read something that I don't like? There are a zillion books out there waiting for me to devour them so why waste time on something I genuinely dislike?

No thumbs up for this read.

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