Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I love scrabble and so does my Grandma! Here's a sneak peek at her Christmas gift which arrived by post yesterday in this sweet little package.

The tiny tin case is the perfect hideaway for my fabulous
Littleput Books find.
Shield your eyes from the glare. grr to the flash.

My Grandma loves butterflies & scrabble so Littleput had the absolute perfect gift for the craziest (in a sane way) woman in my life.

A scrabble tile necklace decorated with butterflies. Fabulous!
She's going to love it!

Another 5 star store is added to my list of places to purchase gifts.
Be sure to take a look here because my pictures do not do the piece justice.
Have I mentioned that I adore Etsy?


Stacy said...

So pretty and what a great price! I think I need to start shopping there more.

Stacy said...
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Just Jaime said...

The costs on Etsy just blow me away! I LOVE that site... but I think I've mentioned that a few times already. :)