Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with the Crazies

Our annual Christmas with the Crazies took place last night and now it really feels like Christmas is just around the corner. We skipped the typical turkey and trimmings and hosted a pot luck instead this year, it was perfect! Less mess and less stress! EC took care of the tunes.

Jess made the best apple pie I have ever tasted and I intend to replicate it for our family shin digs, a frozen cheesecake or two will be waiting in the wings just in case. I'll share the recipe with you if all goes well.

I spent this morning clearing the wreckage from the pah-tay and the proceeded to procrastinate... eventually I managed to get my butt in gear and a few things were wiped off my TO DO list.

I finally got to Rosie's Christmas gift and I am stoked with the results. How cute is this tiny sundress?

A big thanks goes out to Habitual where I found this super sweet pattern.

I know it's December but I figure she can wear it over a long sleeve shirt and tights or leg warmers. Once Rosie's too big to wear this as a dress it can be work as a little tunic top. Super cute! This pattern is definitely a keeper.

I also whipped up this little crayon roll for my dad; he is stuffing Neve's stocking and was looking for a little something extra to add to it.

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Kimber said...

LOVE THE crayon thingy! And the sundress!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. All blessings to you guys for 2009.

PS; The peanut butter balls were to die for!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey J.
Neve was over and helping me catch up on my blog reading when she spied this picture.
"Hey!" she said."I got one just like that in my stocking at Christmas! Do you remember Grams?"
I think she likes think?