Thursday, October 2, 2008

Will Uncle Hans Join Blogtoberfest?

I don't know if you'll see any posts from Uncle Hans but I have decided to honor my hometown Oktoberfest boozefest in a less toxic way by joining in Big Cat Emporium's Blogtoberfest! Thanks to Two Peas in a Pod for sharing the idea.

Basically taking part in Blogtoberfest means intending to post on a daily basis throughout the month of October - there are also art swaps and giveaways involved and I do intend to host a giveaway here too! It won't be for a couple of weeks but I promise to do so before the month is up. Gingham Skies will have a little something to pass along - hopefully this will encourage some of you lurkers to post comments.

Feel like a challenge? Why not join in the Blogtoberfest fun, there's less chance of suffering from a hangover with this festival.


tanzi said...

It's so interesting to discover all of these cool blog sites and ideas. I have you to thank for opening me up to this groovy craze.

I thought I'd be able to escape the Oktoberfest craziness in Russia, but I was wrong. There are pubs all over celebrating it and I went to the German embassy last weekend for their Oktoberfest shindig. It had real German food (sadly, mostly scary looking sausages and meatloaf--no schnitzel!) but no polka music! Not even a measure of the chicken dance. Normally this would make me happy, but I was actually disappointed. Weird.

Jaime said...

It is pretty groovy isn't it? I can't believe the number of blogs out there - it's fun to lurk around reading the interesting and sometimes simply bizarre things people have to say.

No schnitzel? No polka? What's oktoberfest without those two main ingredients?

I'm skipping out on the big fest again this year but I might try to hit up the parade, I haven't been to a parade in a VERY long time.