Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gone Green

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It's about time Waterloo went Green(er). Slowly but surely our region is introducing a residential green bin program which provides residents with bins for organic household materials (food, tissue etc). I was thrilled (no, it doesn't take much these days to excite me) to receive a pamphlet on our doorstep a month ago that explained how our neighbourhood was the next in line to receive the bins. We already recycle but community composting will definitely reduce the amount of trash we end up with on the curb. Our new bin has arrived and has been put to good use already.

Mike and I are also doing our part for the environment by becoming a one car family. Let's be honest, we are doing this to save money, but helping the environment is a definite perk. I handed the keys to Flea, my little Echo, over to the dealership on Tuesday. It was a bitter sweet moment. It's great knowing that I won't have to worry about gas, a monthly lease payment and insurance but I also lose some of my freedom. Mike and I are going to have to learn to share! Oh boy.

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Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey J!
Dad and I went years with just one car. Like you said, it can be done. It just takes more planning.
Dad and I also are doing the greenie thingy. It is very easy and we are liking it very much.