Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is...what makes my skin crawl.

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Brown bugs, cockroaches, nastiest creatures on earth: same difference. Whatever you like to call them these disgusting little buggers make my skin crawl! I worked for a family up North for a few summers and these little buggers were everywhere (they like damp wood so a cottage on an island is like a little piece of heaven for them).

I woke up as I slapped my chest one morning to find that I had smashed one of these nasty guys to bits under my pajama top - from that night on I wore many layers to bed and tucked my pj pants into my socks!

You learn to shake out your bathing suits really well after finding a cockroach inside... thankfully I saw it before it hit skin. Ewwwwww!

Thanks to flightless boyds for this weeks theme.


edward and lilly said...

ewwww!! That's freaking me out!!

Bridie said...

Pretty freaky - it's right up there with finding a mouse in the bread :-)

Jaime said...

Ha! It was pretty nasty... the mouse in the bread would have thrown me over the edge though.