Saturday, September 1, 2007

The End of Harry Potter

This is me while reading the final Harry Potter. Notice I'm smiling? Well if I had a pic of me the next day I would not have that same smile on my face because I was in mourning. Sound ridiculous? Maybe so but it's true.

The series was complete and I was depressed. I had been warned that I would feel that way but didn't think it would hit me like it did. For the past 7 years I've looked forward to the next book in the Harry Potter series and now there is no more 'looking forward'. Of course the book was phenomenal and Rowling tied up all the loose ends but I am still wishing there was more. What an amazing author J.K. Rowling is!

I am going to hold off for awhile but it will be interesting to read the series from start to finish once more now that I know how it ends. There were so many webs woven by that woman and they all untangled in such an amazing way! What I would give to live in her mind for a day. I so wish I could write like her, to have a small portion of her imagination even.

I was able to pick up a book by the end of the first day of mourning and that certainly helped me get through my grief. Kite Runner was an excellent book and I'm looking forward to reading A Thousand Splendid Suns written by the same author. I knew nothing of Afghanistan's history prior to reading Kite Runner except for what the media has chosen to feed us since 9/11 so I definitely learned a thing or two from this sad story.

I also read Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult which was a good summer read. Sucks you in and makes you wonder while not making you think too hard. Only a few characters to keep in mind and although it involved Wicca and teenage girls it didn't dive too deeply into it (this would have turned it into The Craft in my mind and I can watch the movie if I have a screaming desire for teenage witches turned bad). Highschool teacher wrongly accused of nasty things begins a new life in Salem Falls and a witch of a girl (get it? witch) starts round two of hell for the poor guy while he falls in love with the small town diners owner who has a closet full of her own skeletons. Not too difficult to guess the ending but fun getting there anyways!

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