Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cotton Candy Skies, Scabs and more...

This stellar picture taken by Mike pretty much sums up our week in Wasaga. Jessy described one sunset as 'cotton candy' and it wasn't even the one in the pic above that she was referring to. This phenomenal view was from the front of our cottage. Beachfront and beautiful! I spent 5 days parked on a comfy chair gazing at the lake while reading and crocheting - believe it or not I am 29 not 69. Jess & I were like too little old ladies dropping our books long enough to have a laugh, a glass of wine, a snack or a swim and then back into our own little worlds we went. Heavenly. I love vacationing with Jess - some days we sit for hours barely speaking at all and other days we yap all day long - the perfect friend to relax with, no expectations but fabulous company.

The boys did what they do best: threw themselves down Blue Mountain wearing full body armour on 50 lb bicycles. Crazy. They were in their own little heaven with the mountain being just 20 minutes from the cottage. Nobody was damaged too badly this trip - some new scabs to add to the scab cake (a sick inside joke) and a few temporary purpley green tats. Not too bad considering they're flying down a mountain of trees. Freaks. Colin says that Mike outbiked him on a couple days this time round so my husband is one happy guy - he's only been tumbling down moutains for a year now and I'm happy so say that it seems as if he's 'got it' now. A broken collar bone (that was due to dirt jumps and he's had enough of those thankfully), some stitches and too many bruises/scabs to count - he's still going strong and has come lightyears with his biking abilities so obviously he's found something that he loves (next to me and music of course) so I'll grin and bear it and pray to the great samsquanch that he stays out of the hospital for the rest of his biking days.

We took one trip to Collingwood with the boys so that we could check out the village at Blue Mountain, visit the Scenic Caves and hit the water slides. We had a yummy lunch in the village and then took a gondola up the mountain - what a view! I really can't believe my husband chucks himself down that 'hill' on a regular basis.

Scenic Caves should be called Rip Off Caves. They were neat to see but certainly not worth the $18 buck a person entry fee. We didn't make it to the waterslides because the rain and thunder came so everything shut down at Blue. Jess & I headed back to the cottage and spent the remainder of the day curled up in the cottage reading books.

I really hope we end up at Wasaga for our yearly vacation again next year. I love that place. The beach is extra wide and the water is shallow for what seems like forever! 5 sandbars and clear water = happy jaime. Shortly after arriving at the cottage Mike said that the beach reminded him of Jamaica and I agreed 100%. The layout of the land was just like Whitehouse where we spent our two week honeymoon - with us being set in a bay. The sunsets were nearly as good too! So many childhood memories were stirred up while sitting on our perch overlooking the beach this week; when Mike and I have our own wee ones we'll definitely be taking them there for family vacations.

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