Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here and There

My attempts at keeping two blogs alive have been pathetic at best. My plan is to move everything over to Gingham Skies so be prepared to arrive here one day soon to find a big SOLD sign telling you to head on over to Gingham Skies. For the time being I'll share my posts on both blogs... saying goodbye to JJ is going to take some getting used to on my part but I figure it's a smart business move to lead people back to my biz blog. Originally I had planned to keep GS all bizzzzzzzznezzzzzz but I realize that's a silly idea considering I like to yap mostly about my life and useless other bits that make me smile and all I have to say about business is "look what a I made."

I hope you will follow me when I move!! AND I hope that you lovely lurkers will say hello... there are an awful lot of regular international visitors but I rarely hear from you. Hello? Anybody out there?


Kimber said...

Hi! My name is Kim and I'm from the exotic locale of "Kincardine." We milk cows and drink hard cider for amusement.

Love your blog, will follow it faithfully in the "other" world.

Jaime said...

Ha!! Thanks for the intro, Kim. Skanky cider and fresh milk from the cow's teet: makes me want to hop on my horse and gallop on down for a visit. Yum!

Thanks for bein ga faithful follower! :) I really do appreciate the luuuuv!

Suz Broughton said...

I'll switch over :)

Jaime said...

Thanks Suz! I appreciate you following me! :)