Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can't Get Enough!

I nearly forgot... again.

Today I am thankful for Kraft Dinner. I am also thankful that Mike doesn't eat the stuff, if he did I would have a serious problem. Thankfully his lack of love for KD means I only eat it when he's traveling.

He's in Boston... guess what I had for dinner? You got it.
Thanks to The Faz for this pic.

I went to the gym after school today - don't look so surprised - so I don't feel too guilty about eating the entire box. YUM!


muralimanohar said...

Haha..hilarious! That's exactly when *I* eat Mac and cheese..when the dh is not around! :p (Sad, sad detail...mac and cheese over here in Australia is flavorless and watery, and costs a BOMB! I have to buy the kind with the can of cheese in it to make it remotely normal. Blah.)

Kimber said...

The person who make the BEST Kd in the world is my sister Sissy in Australia. She made it a lot when she was here a few years ago (she brought my two year old nephew). I don't exactly know what she put in it to make it taste so rich and delicious, but I just can't seem to make mine taste as good as hers did...hmmm...

Suz Broughton said...

I Love Mac & Cheese. I mean I am totally devoted to it. I make it for "the kids" all the time.

Jaime said...

"For the kids" - sure sure! :)

It's funny how KD seems to be a secret love of so many women, I have a few friends who tend to inhale a pot of it when they're on their own. One of the simply wonderful things in life.